Power Solutions

TOFA’s core activity is to provide power solutions with high quality end-user distribution. TOFA’s goal and purpose in Nigeria is to contribute in filling the existing power gap and fulfill the market’s needs.
The aim of TOFA’s Power Solutions projects is to connect and operate a power generation and distribution facility in a particular location to provide a reliable power source for all clients. This is done through the acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of power systems that consist of a generating set coupled to an electrical setup.
TOFA’s Power Solutions involve a variety of power generating sources such as Diesel Fuel Oil,Heavy Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, Photovoltaic and others. The power solution is designed specifically based on the client’s requirements and specifications leading to a cost effective and efficient setup.
TOFA’s Power Solutions tackle clients with power needs ranging from a few Kilo-Watts up to tens of Mega-Watts in different industries and sectors. TOFA’s Power Solutions are flexible and scalable to suite the clients’ requirements. TOFA’s Power Solutions include the below services.

Power Purchase Service

  • TOFA invests, installs, operates and maintains a power system based on the client’s needs.
  • TOFA supplies electrical power in form of prime power or backup power.
  • TOFA’s clients are only charged for the consumed power, Pay-As-You-Go Basis.

Power Rental Service

  • TOFA invests, installs and maintains a power system based on the client’s needs.
  • TOFA’s clients make use of the rented system whenever needed.
  • TOFA’s clients are charged a fixed rental rate for the power system.


Power Generator

Sized and rated according to the project requirements. The generator is sound proofed and includes the appropriate exhaust filtration and vibration dampening

Storage Tank

Used to store, supply and meter fuel for the generator considering a stock level suitable for the project requirements

Electrical Distribution Panel

Used to distribute the generated power and includes the needed protection, metering and control functions

Advantages of TOFA‘s Power Solutions

Power Cost Reduction

TOFA saves on the client’s high power costs which are a result of the inefficient setup and operation of the  generating set. TOFA supplies its clients with a cheaper power which results better financial position

Burden Relief

TOFA eliminates the burden of managing, operating and maintaining a power system that consumes a great amount of time and effort which are a valuable resource to its clients

24/7 Support

TOFA’s team of highly experienced engineers and technicians provide a round the clock support for its clients needs.

Capital Cost Mitigation

TOFA saves its clients from the high capital cost needed to reinvest periodically in their power generating setup. TOFA invests in the power setup on behalf of its clients

Power Supply Reliability

TOFA provides its clients with a highly reliable source of power, empowering full productivity and preserving business’s reputation by relying on a high quality setup and well maintained equipment

Pollution Reduction

TOFA mitigates the emissions of smoke, noise and pollutants by using state of the art equipment and alternative generating systems. Additionally, the use of renewable energy is always encouraged in projects depending on the available resources

Energy Sources

  • Diesel Fuel Oil
  • Natural Gas (PNG/LNG/CNG)
  • LPG
  • PV Solar


TOFA installed a 3.2  MVA power solution for Stanbic Bank in two locations in Victoria Island, Lagos. The power setup was connected to Stanbic Bank’s head office, which includes their data center. The service provided was proved to be flawless and an uninterrupted  power supply allowed for a reduction in Stanbic’s energy bills by around 25%. TOFA’s service is highly satisfactory to Stanbic Bank

Generating and Distributing over 40 MW of Power Since 1986
TOFA Power Purchase Service
TOFA Power Rental Service