Large Scale Power Project

TOFA provides turnkey solutions for large scale power projects where TOFA manages and executes the project from start to finish and covers all aspects of the project. TOFA’s large scale power services cover the design, installation, testing & commissioning,  supervision, operation and maintenance of large scale power projects such as:

Utility Scale Power Plant Projects

Projects of Power Plants sized larger than 25 Megawatts which are powered by any available energy source and that inject the generated power to the utility grid

Recondition/Upgrade of Power Systems Projects

Projects which cover the reconditioning or upgrading of existing power plants and power networks

Off-Grid Power Projects

Projects which cover the power generation and the distribution up towards the power consumer where no utility grid is available.

With TOFA’s turnkey power projects, the client has a single point of accountability – with smaller risk of project delays and failures. The result will be a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient project.

Focused Scope of Work

  • Engineering and planning
  • Installation and supervision
  • Inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Safety and risk management


TOFA’s management and engineering team have implemented a 10 MW off-grid setup for an industrial area. The project consisted of the design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of a 10 MW hybrid power plant and a Medium voltage distribution network to supply 24/7 power to industrial facilities in that area. The generated power comes from 4 MVA Heavy Fuel Oil generators, 4 MVA Diesel Oil generators and a 2 MWP Photovoltaic power plant. The power is distributed over a 20 KV Medium Voltage network designed in a Ring setup to ensure reliability to all clients in the area. Each client is connected to the Medium Voltage network by a dedicated substation that houses all necessary protective equipment according to international standards.

The supplied power has lead the industrial clients to reduce their overall power costs by having an alternative to their diesel generator sets which had a high running cost and which require huge capital to reinvest in new sets.

This project has also lead to a significant reduction in Green House Gases emissions within this industrial area by shutting down the inefficient and mal-maintained diesel generators and providing the needed load by a well maintained and sustainable source.