TO.FA's alignment with Nexans and Matelec provides valuable access to an enormous bank of know-how in terms of power distribution transformers. This partnership helps TO.FA to stay abreast of the latest power transformer technology developments around the world.

Matelec/Nexans Partnerships

Matelec and Nexans provide 100% copper transformers manufactured with the highest European Standards.

To promote Matelec and Nexans transformers provided by our partners, our pricing Strategy consists of always offering our clients a 10-15% extra value from our own share.

Matelec transformers

Matelec transformers are designed to provide installation and maintenance ease.

All transformers are designed and tested for long life and minimum maintenance requirements. In line with our flexible and product-fit approach, our production resources can easily adapt to specific customer needs and prerequisites and deliver a customized solution within a relatively short time.

Nexans transformers

Every transformer is made and tested for long life a & minimum maintenance requirements.

Made specifically for African markets under License of AREVA the nuclear power Giant Nexans transformers are manufactured using the latest cutting edge technologies and are hermetically sealed.



We build high power electric transformer substations in the shortest time possible; we offer assistance at commissioning, a prompt and quality service. Our stations are made on turn-key basis, from design and equipment supply, until the effective execution of the project and service.

Tofa transformers reference sites

We offer power solutions with high availability in a challenging Nigerian context improving the power availability from 4 hours per day to 16 hours per day (Airtel Data Center)

Distribution systems are characterized with both system and load unbalance. This is due to unequal mutual coupling among line phases, existence of a mixture single-phase, two-phase, three-phase systems, and unbalanced loads.

Airtel project - data center

Airtel main Data center located in Oyin Jolayemi street in Victoria Island requires a 24/7 non stop power supply.

Despite the fact that three diesel generators were operated in the premises, failure risks and down times, outages were much higher than expectations. This resulted into a poor quality service that a multinational telecom operator could not accept.

Solution: TOFA linked Airtel's data center through a 1 km MV underground armored cable to Ademola power injection station. The project involved the installation of 33 KV Schneider panels and 1.5 MVA transformer, in addition to HV breakers.

Result: Airtel power availability increased from less than 25 to over 80%, hence reducing the risk factors and the power failure at the level of the data center to 0%. Airtel's monthly savings are between the range of 10-15 Million Naira.

Matelec transformers reference sites

Matelec designs are used extensively in high frequency electronic applications within any power supply.

Common transformer configurations include Flyback Transformers, High Frequency Transformers and Push-Pull Transformers, with customized designs to fit the client's needs.



Distribution Transformers provide the necessary power for systems and buildings on the last transformation step from the power station to the consumer. Accordingly, their operation must be reliable, efficient and at the same time silent.

Medium and low voltage switch gears

Medium-voltage cost-efficient switchgear for safe power distribution

Metal-enclosed type Air insulated busbars-fixed or withdraw able disconnecting equipment Compact switchgear manufactured under license from Merlin Gerin, France.

The SM6 range is made up of modular units including fixed SF6 load break switches and contractors, and fixed or withdraw able SF6 circuit breakers.

Air insulated busbar- fixed or withdraw able connecting equipment Standards IEC 60298 / IEC 62271Rated Current Up to 1250A Rated Voltage Up to 24kV

Control and Protection for a HV Substation

Remote control and monitoring functions for all kind of substations.

Control and protection panels range includes protection panel boards, control panels (extensible mimic mosaic or numerical type) and other panels including PLC for synchronizing & automation, and RTU for Scada.

These products are manufactured according to specific requirements and tender books specifications set by the customer. They are factory tested prior to delivery and installation.