Generating and Distributing over 40 MW of Power Since 1986

TOFA Limited

TOFA Limited is an electrical engineering firm providing professional and affordable Power Generation services, in addition to Transmission and Distribution systems amenities. TOFA also specializes in engineering consultancy and electrical systems designs, as well as power system repairs and upgrades.

The highly experienced TOFA team serves public and private corporations, commercial and industrial clients. TOFA’s services include planning, design, execution, operations and maintenance of Power Generating Stations, Transmission and Sub-Transmission Lines (up to 330 kV),  Distribution network and substations, automation and control systems.outlook


TOFA’s experience comes from over 30 years of installing and operating power generating plants and distribution systems in various sizes.

TOFA’s services include planning, design, execution and operations of Power Generating Stations, Transmission and Sub-Transmission Lines (up to 330 kV), Distribution Substations, Distribution Networks and Switching Stations.

TOFA’s acute attention and professionalism in implementing its business and its in-depth understanding of its client’s energy needs, coupled with, cutting edge technology solutions and cumulative decades of hands-on experience make it a trustful partner for business growth.

TOFA’s vast experience in the electrical energy sector has allowed it to position itself as an expert in different fields within this sector. This know-how also allowed TOFA to be involved in various functions while providing its services.

TOFA’s Power Solutions tackle clients with power needs ranging from a few Kilo-Watts up to tens of Mega-Watts in different industries and sectors. TOFA’s Power Solutions are flexible and scalable to suite each clients’ requirements.

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Power Purchase Service

TOFA invests, installs, operates and maintains a power system based on the client’s needs and supplies electrical power in form of prime power or backup power. TOFA’s clients are only charged for the consumed power, Pay-As-You-Go Basis.

Power Rental Service

TOFA invests, installs and maintains a power system based on the client’s needs.
TOFA’s clients make use of the rented system whenever needed and are charged a fixed rental rate for the power system.

Energy & Power Services

Tofa provides engineering, procurement and contracting services as well as operation and maintenance services for a vast range of electrical applications. Tofa specializes in supplying custom energy & power services to meet the client’s requirements.

Large Scale Power Project

TOFA provides its turnkey solutions for large scale power projects where TOFA manages and executes the project from start to finish and covers all aspects of the project. TOFA’s large scale power services cover the design, installation, testing & commissioning, supervision, operation and maintenance of large scale power projects

Key Functions

Independent Power Producer

TOFA produces power independently from different generating sources and supplies it to entities through a Power Purchase Agreement. TOFA chooses its generating sources and system based on economical, environmental and technical parameters.

Electrical Power Solutions Provider

TOFA provides a vast range of electrical power solutions to its clients following their specifications and requirements. Its solutions are customized for each application.

Power Infrastructure Designer & Contractor

TOFA designs and implements Medium Voltage and Low voltage distribution networks for public and private clients. These networks include overhead/underground cabling, distribution substations and distribution panel installations.

Energy Projects Developer

TOFA takes initiative in energy projects that provide a positive role in specific regions where energy is needed.

Energy & Power Consultant

TOFA provides consultancy services for energy and power applications in all industries. Consultancy services cover new and existing energy & power applications.

Turnkey Projects Implementor

TOFA provides its services as turnkey solutions in its projects, where TOFA covers all aspects of the project and deliver an overall complete project to its clients.

Operation & Maintenance Service Provider

TOFA provides Operation & Maintenance services for all new and existing power projects which include power plant and power system operation and maintenance.

Automation & Control Systems Supplier

TOFA supplies automation and control systems for all power application ranging from basic monitoring systems to advanced SCADA systems.